This project was created between 2019 and 2020 by Joerg Krause, Berlin, Germany.

I like to introduce myself as an experienced expert especially for Web Technologies such as Angular, React, NodeJs, ASP.NET and common frameworks and systems such as .NET, SQL Server, IIS, and related subjects. I’m a developer, consultant, trainer, and software architect.

I work as a freelance senior consultant for enterprises and run a few thrilling projects on my own. To learn more, click in the section ‚cool stuff‘ in the right column. To find out more about me feel free to contact me or click ‚current profiles‘ at the right.

You can contact me in German and English language. I’m available worldwide.

A Short Introduction#

I work as an software architect and technology consultant, especially around software development on the Microsoft Windows platform. He is focused in main topics such as Web Server development (including all web technologies, like HTML, CSS, JS/AJAX, as well as ASP.NET), SQL Server development (T-SQL, SSIS), and graphical environments (graphical Editors like IE and stuff based on it like Netrix, WPF, Silverlight). I’m certified for several of these technologies and I’m re-certifying regularly.

I have published more than 60 books for Apress, Carl Hanser Verlag, Addison Wesley Germany, Markt + Technik and Symposion Publishing and in addition to more than 100 journal articles, notably for the German IT journals iX, DatabasePro, DOTNETpro, and „ASP.NET professional“.

I regularly speak at professional and scientific conferences (e.g. BASTA, Prio Conference, VSOne, DOTNET Conference, DotnetCologne, PHP Conference, DDC, and several INETA user group meetings).

I run several thrilling projects, such as the component development of the Netrix Editor (Made by Guru Components), the software development company Augmented Software and the online publishing company Augmented Content. I’m co-founder and stakeholder of all.

If you want to get more information, want to join my network, seeking investment possibilities, or just want to be part of the party you’re invited to contact me.


I'M inventor and maintainer of ny@f - an advanced Web Components framework. I'm the inventor and maintainer of SVOGV, an extension for Angular that provides dynamic forms, viewmodel decorators, and dynamic validation.


Get me on the web (in German, see English About section).